Was ist das  Mozilla Labs Apps Projekt (Open Web Apps-Projekt)?
Das Open Web Apps-Projekt macht sich die Erkenntnis zu Eigen, dass das Web die Plaftform der Zukunft ist. It bring apps across your devices and enables developers to build amazing experiences using standard Web technologies. Mozilla is the non-profit developer of the Firefox Web browser and a champion of the Web.
When will consumers be able to use the Firefox Marketplace?
We are aiming to open the marketplace towards the end of 2012.
Are you trying to replace existing app stores?
No. We are providing an alternate marketplace that provides a wide variety of high quality HTML5 apps that work across the widest number of devices and platforms. We are building a marketplace that puts users' needs and experiences first before commercial and corporate interests.
Why would people need multiple Web app stores?
Just as we all shop at several stores in our daily lives, we want to provide users the freedom and choice to obtain apps from any source of their choice — be it directly from a developer's website, a retail channel, a wholesale store, from a friend's recommendation, etc.
We also believe the existence and adoption of multiple app stores will enable a competitive ecosystem that ultimately benefits users. When stores compete, users benefit from better experiences and wider options, and will be more in control of where they do their business.
Why should I use Mozilla's app marketplace?
Mozilla's app marketplace (Firefox Marketplace) will help you find apps that work across the widest number of devices and platforms without being locked down to a specific device or operating system. These apps will also be linked to your user identity, allowing you to take them with you should you switch phones or buy a new tablet. We are working hard to ensure your experience is personalized, serendipitous and focused on helping you discover new apps that are relevant to you.

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