Media Memory

Remember HTML5 media playback position - Never lose where your audio/video was again

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How to use the demo: Either pause or click "Add to History" midway through a media element, then refresh the page. Once the media preloads, your saved playback position will automatically load in and you can continue playing your media from where you left off.

Media Memory enables you to save the playback position of any HTML5 video/audio element into the browser's history.

Send a specific point in a media file to your friend or just save to history for later viewing. Need to restart your browser? Save to history and your playback position will automatically load in when you return to the page.

The playback position is saved either when you click "Add to History" or when you pause playback.

You can also jump to a specific point by changing the elements time in the URL.

The script will work with multiple media elements.

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