Firefox OS security

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The following articles cover security-related topics about Firefox OS. This includes overall security features as well as application security and how the install process is kept secure.

Firefox OS security documentation

The Firefox OS security model
An overview of the Firefox OS security model.
System security
Details of security controls built-in to the FirefoxOS runtime.
Application security in Firefox OS
An overview of how applications are made secure on Firefox OS.
Securely installing and updating applications
How Firefox OS securely installs and updates applications.
 Debugging and security testing with Firefox OS
This guide shows you the basic security testing steps, from opening a remote JavaScript debugger to setting up an intercepting HTTP(S) proxy against a desktop version of Firefox OS

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Getting help from the community

If you're working with Firefox OS, or developing applications you'd like to run on Firefox OS devices, there are community resources to help you!

  • Ask your question on Mozilla's Boot to Gecko IRC channel: #b2g

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Firefox OS

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