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This page tries to track ongoing documentation work in the MDN JavaScript section. Feel free to contribute!


Pages No tags Needs* tags Missing tags Editorial reviews Technical reviews Outdated pages Dev-doc-needed bugs Documentation requests
885 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 52 (6%) 36 (5%) 55 (7%) 0 (0%) 70 (8%)

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Editorial reviews

Found 52 pages. Learn more about how to do an editorial review.

Technical reviews

Found 36 pages. Learn more about how to do a technical review.

Outdated pages

Found 55 pages. These pages haven't been updated in over a year. Outdated pages can have problems with both content and format. Look at these pages and consider: Is this page talking about the Web of today? Does it look consistent with newer pages in this topic area? If not, make any needed changes.

Documentation requests

Found 70 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
1179881 Write a JS error reference
1201380 Examples and text don't match up in "details of the object model" page
1204224 Unclear explanation in "Working With Objects" tutorial
1238394 Improve Regex docs for capturing groups
1243496 The function declaration and function expression documentation is incorrect
1245977 MathML fallback: square root is not displayed correctly
1275816 Explain how |this| value is calculated in call expression, and the difference between `foo[prop]()` and `func = foo[prop], func()`
1281696 iterating with let in for-loops
1286628 Object.prototype.constructor is not a reference to the constructor of the prototype
1294338 charCodeAt and codePointAt in String documentation seem almost backwards
1301501 polyfill uses != to check typeof assign to "function" vs !==
1303603 Clarify that RegExp.prototype.exec() returns a special array
1305261 Async Functions/Await Documentation
1307755 Given for..of example needs some explanation, not self-explaining
1309784 Add Cyclomatic Complexity
1318620 Slightly misleading example
1318933 Description of `Object.keys` outdated because it does not return symbol keys
1319979 Equality comparisons
1322844 Tagged template literals example does not illustrate point being made
1324194 Incorrect description for example summary found on array.prototype.filter() page (JSON example)
1325251 The Math.sign() polyfill contains two type conversions
1334000 Polyfill example does not detect NaN
1340310 How does the Cache interface handle cookies?
1343142 Clarify that Array.prototype.sort() sorts in increasing order
1346500 The result of the polyfill doesn't meet the result of firefox.
1347496 Inaccurate information in a code snippet
1352856 continue statement, example 2.
1357343 Console.table example does not work as expected
1359860 Make /W special character regex more clear
1360102 About the global property with "var" in MDN.
1360661 Document for Array.from provides a polyfill that cannot create array from a Set
1361299 mixin replace jQuery.extend with Object.assign
1363684 tip faster js offsetwith
1365288 Map.get/set documentation is lacking information
1367757 Should String.prototype.substr be marked as deprecated?
1371716 Syntax example provided is incomplete / incorrect
1372019 Filter the javascript docs on ES version support
1372390 Promise.all returns already-resolved promises for any combination of non-promises and resolved promises.
1374016 A consistency issue: different parts of MDN have links where in other parts they're buttons
1376223 "Promise" Advance Example CodePen Has a Bug
1385876 Threading coverage on MDN
1389206 I would like to contribue to progrssive apps section by adding a new sub-article about how to build progressive apps with Angular 2+
1393872 Document JavaScript modules
1394123 Property Accessors: No mention of what happens when a property is not present on an object
1394569 Array.prototype.filter polyfill compares result of typeof operator to "Function" instead of "function"
1395257 JS sidebar macros don't interact well with A/B testing framework
1398923 Bad link
1401192 List support for proper stacktrace in the compat table.
1401753 Promise, advanced example, code comment incorrect
1405611 Create a page on property descriptors and flags
1408616 Re-Introduction to JavaScript - Functions: hiding local variables
1408621 Re-Introduction to JavaScript - Functions: confusing use of fullName();
1408998 More examples in Array.prototype.reduce
1411233 Document XMLHttpRequestEventTarget.ontimeout
1412101 Discussion of "boolean operator" should be clarified or deleted
1414088 Glossary entry for Symbol too detailed; move it into the JavaScript Guide, which doesn't say much
1415201 Update documentation for missing semicolon.
1419710 Array.prototype.sort confusing
1424040 Add glossary entries for weak and strong references; update WeakMap and WeakSet docs to link to them
1424211 Error in comment for calls to function add1 and add2
1427812 Incorrect Polyfill function ArrayBuffer.transfer()
1431238 Description of Map states that it "...will only map to the object's insertion order—which is random and not ordered". This is incorrect since ES6
1433831 Process described on page doesn't work any more.
1442950 Broken link at Event.bubbles page
1443030 The expression "execution context" is misleading.
1444255 Boolean()中代码运行结果与案例提示不同
1445504 "JavaScript Guide" tutorial does not include "Using Promises" page
1445988 Note for IE and Edge including control characters in Intl.DateTimeFormat.format
1446465 Dropdowns on this url reference a url to link to for drilling down but they actuall DO NOT GO TO THE URL--they only drop down to show sub menu items
1447278 Flow chart of promise flow leads to incorrect understanding about Promise in documentation

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bn-BD 873 34 (3%) 1 (2%)
ca 873 321 (36%) 0 (0%)
de 885 504 (56%) 368 (73%)
es 873 396 (45%) 57 (14%)
fa 873 19 (2%) 2 (10%)
fr 885 885 (100%) 882 (99%)
id 873 102 (11%) 3 (2%)
it 873 139 (15%) 14 (10%)
ja 882 847 (96%) 122 (14%)
kab 873 2 (0%) 1 (50%)
ko 873 379 (43%) 44 (11%)
nl 873 62 (7%) 8 (12%)
pl 873 298 (34%) 9 (3%)
pt-BR 873 365 (41%) 53 (14%)
pt-PT 873 42 (4%) 2 (4%)
ro 873 22 (2%) 1 (4%)
ru 873 562 (64%) 62 (11%)
zh-CN 883 758 (85%) 213 (28%)

Structure of the MDN JavaScript docs

Chapters of the MDN JavaScript section and their status
# Chapter Pages Priority Notes
0 Value & function properties in the global scope 16 1 Complete.
1 Object 40 1


2 Function 14 1 Complete.
3 Array 38 1 Complete.
4 String 50 1 Complete.
5 Boolean 5 1 Complete.
6 Number 24 1


7 Math 44 1 Complete.
8 Date 53 1 Complete.
9 RegExp 21 1 Complete.


24 4 Complete.
11 JSON 3 1 Complete.
12 Intl
16 2 Complete.
13 Map 13 2 Complete.
14 WeakMap 7 2 Complete.
15 Set 11 2 Complete.

SIMD types

  3 In Nightly. Spec in flux.
17 WeakSet 6 2 Complete.
18 Proxy 17 3 Complete.
19 Reflect 15 3 Complete.
20 Generator (legacy and ES2015)
8 2 Complete.
21 ArrayBuffer (6)
DataView (21)
TypedArray (34 [+ 3])
73 2 Missing pages:
  • 2 standard Array methods not yet implemented for TypedArrays (tracking bug 1071668).
22 Promise 8 1 Complete.
23 Symbol 9 2

Missing pages:

  • Well-known symbols
    • Symbol.hasInstance
    • Symbol.isConcatSpreadable
    • Symbol.replace
    • Symbol.search
    • Symbol.split
    • Symbol.unscopables
24 ParallelArray 1 5 Complete.
25 Atomics
17 4 Preffed off. Spec in flux.
26 Expressions & Operators 29 1 Complete.
27 Statements & Declarations 27 1 Complete.
28 Functions 11 1


29 Classes 4 1 Complete.
30 JavaScript Guide 15 1


  1. Introduction
  2. Grammar and types
  3. Control flow and error handling
  4. Loops and iteration
  5. Functions
  6. Expressions and operators
  7. Numbers and dates
  8. Text formatting
  9. Regular Expressions
  10. Indexed collections
  11. Keyed collections
  12. Working with objects
  13. Details of the object model
  14. Iterators and generators
  15. Meta programming
31 New in JavaScript 15 4


32 JavaScript error reference 36 3 Explains error messages (v8, Chakra). So those people searching for errors will find guidance.
33 Articles/Tutorials/Misc 17


34 Meta pages 9 4

Other tasks to do

  • Go through Firefox release notes for developers and site compat notes and make sure JS changes are documented properly in the references.
  • Make sure our compat tables are up to date by also going through bug trackers of other open source browsers (e.g. WebKit, Blink)
  • Write a changelog for Chrome JavaScript releases like we have for Firefox. Same for other browsers/node.js?
  • Meta article about how to document in the JS MDN area.
  • Write more JavaScript error documentation: The list of errors which have no mdn pages link corresponds to SpiderMonkey error code which are reported to the devtool console which do not have any corresponding MDN pages.

Tagging standard

  • Pages in the JavaScript/ page tree should at least have the tag "JavaScript".
  • For methods belonging to an object, the name of the Object should be added (e.g. String.fromCharCode should have "String").
  • Methods should have "Method" and properties need a "Property" tag. All prototype members have the "prototype" tag.
  • Features added in a new ECMAScript version have the tags "ECMAScript6" and "ECMAScript 2015" or later versions/years.
  • The Experimental tag should only be used with new features where the standard in not yet finalized (e.g. in a strawman proposal) and the feature is in a Nightly version or behind a preference.
  • Features are Deprecated if their usage is discouraged and are Obsolete if they have been removed from engines.
  • If pages need any type of work, a "Needs*" tag should be added (see above).


The following specifications are taken under consideration for this project:

Specification Status
ECMAScript 5.1 (ECMA-262) Standard
ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition, ECMA-262) Standard
ECMAScript Latest Draft (ECMA-262) Draft
ECMAScript Internationalization API 1.0 (ECMA-402) Standard
ECMAScript Internationalization API 2.0 (ECMA-402) Standard
ECMAScript Internationalization API 4.0 (ECMA-402) Draft
Proposals (with advanced stage and at least 1 implementation) Draft

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