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    Gecko DOM Reference

    Na této stránce je obsah referenčního manuálu pro Gecko DOM.



    Objekty DOM




    (a podtřídy UIEvent, KeyboardEvent, MouseEvent, TouchEvent)





    DOM Files

    DOM - Other Objects

    HTML interfaces

    HTMLDocument (see also document)

    HTML element interfaces

    Canvas interfaces

    These interfaces are used for audio and video media related tasks.

    Collection interfaces

    HTMLCollection, HTMLAllCollection, HTMLFormControlsCollection, HTMLOptionsCollection, HTMLPropertiesCollection

    Other HTML interfaces

    DOMTokenList, DOMSettableTokenList, DOMStringMap, RadioNodeList

    SVG interfaces

    SVGDocument (see also document)

    SVG element interfaces

    SVG data type interfaces

    Here are the DOM API for data types used in the definitions of SVG vlastnosti and attributes.

    Gecko 5.0 note
    (Firefox 5.0 / Thunderbird 5.0 / SeaMonkey 2.2)

    Starting in Gecko 5.0 (Firefox 5.0 / Thunderbird 5.0 / SeaMonkey 2.2),the following SVG-related DOM interfaces representing lists of objects are now indexable and can be accessed like arrays; in addition, they have a length property indicating the number of items in the lists: SVGLengthList, SVGNumberList, SVGPathSegList, and SVGPointList.

    Static type

    Animated type

    SVG Path segment interfaces

    ElementTimeControl, TimeEvent

    Other SVG interfaces

    SVGAnimatedPathData, SVGAnimatedPoints, SVGColorProfileRule, SVGCSSRule, SVGExternalResourcesRequired, SVGFitToViewBox, SVGLangSpace, SVGLocatable, SVGRenderingIntent, SVGStylable, SVGTests, SVGTextContentElement, SVGTextPositioningElement, SVGTransformable, SVGUnitTypes, SVGURIReference, SVGViewSpec, SVGZoomAndPan

    DOM Examples

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