An interactive demo of Mozilla Firefox Responsive Design View, showing different tweets based on the screen size you selected!

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Fonts & Type, Mobile, Device,


More About This Demo From The Author

This Demo allows you to find tweets with hashtags based on the screensize you selected and hide them yourself! For instance people who selected the screensize 320x480 will see tweets with the hashtag phone.

There are many different hashtags and some of them are only visible on the devices themselves so be sure to check them out too!

This demo uses CSS3 (media queries, transformations, ...), HTML5, JS and jQuery.

We are using Google webfonts for the special fonts :
Damion -
Finger Paint -

The tweets are displayed using the awesome Tweet plugin from Sea Of Cloud (

The CSS3 cloud was inspired on the CSS3 Cloud from Dan Eden (

Thank you for looking at my demo and remember to -Like- it and post reactions in the comments down below,


*: - Please reload your browser when you're using responsive design view, otherwise it will not change the tweet hashtag!

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About this Demo

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This demo is released under the GPL license.