Pure CSS3 Homer

Drawing Homer Face with CSS3 and a lot of cookies

Built using CSS3,


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  1. Ken Saundders said,

    I just looked at the source.
    This is brilliant work!

    Well done. :)
  2. bernarddeluna said,

    Tks KEN :)
  3. lmorchard said,

    He blinks! <3
  4. Tyr said,

    Pretty good likeness to Homer. I had a roommate who used to draw Homer all the time on tests when he didn't know the answer to a question :P. Btw, do you happen to know if there is there any sort of copyright issues with drawing a character like this? I would be curious since I've never really considered it before with CSS.
  5. JoeDoeWoe said,

    I wondered the same with the copyright.
  6. bernarddeluna said,

    Hm. I think you can't use this registered characters to sell something or to associate with some concept or idea. In this case, is just a lab, so it's more loose.
  7. Stu Nicholls said,

  8. bernarddeluna said,


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