HTML5 Piano

HTML5 Piano Simulation - Full 88 keys with keyboard support

Built using Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Audio, Fonts & Type


More About This Demo From The Author

HTML5 Piano is a web site or if you prefer to called it web app. It's absolutely free to use, it's experimental and it's made for fun and practice. It uses a cutting edge web technologies... yeah i talk about HTML5 and CSS3. Beside that it uses the all mighty popular javascript framework jQuery. So HTML, CSS and JavaScript this are the main materials with which the web piano is build.

HTML5 - audio tag
CSS3 - border shadows, box-shadows, gradients, rounded corners
jQuery - jquery.hotkeys plugin and custom logic, control over the audio element
Sounds - samples, .mp3, .ogg (all samples are made by me on Yamaha DGX-630)

About this Demo

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This demo is released under the Public Domain (where applicable by law) license.