Bouncy and the Apple

2D co-operative twin-stick 'shooter' playable with controllers

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, Audio,


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Bouncy and the Apple has the main character in a mission to keep the nasty pests away from the tree using a special water-gun.

Using a keyboard/mouse, or an XBOX 360 controller, you and a friend can team up to defeat up to 10 waves of pests so that Bouncy can finally eat the Apple in peace. Use the WASD keys/Left Stick to move, and use the mouse/Right Stick to aim the water-gun.

A notifications system teams up with in-game achievements to provide an almost console-like gaming experience. We know HTML5 technologies, especially Canvas and WebGL, are being developed at amazing rates, so it's quite possible that the future of console gaming is in the browser!

Even though it's a web game, it can be CPU-intensive, so make sure unnecessary tabs are closed. Press F11 to play in full-screen. It's super fun that way.

Music Credits
Rock n' Hang - Pedro Collares - Hang Experience 1
Sun Tour - Mike Link; Harvey Taylor - Beat Elementals

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This demo is released under the GPL license.

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