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    Què ofereix XULRunner


    El propòsit de XULRunner és el de proveir una solució per el desplegament d'aplicacions XUL ( principalment Firefox i Thunderbird ), també proveint un mecanisme d'incrustracio. Les següents característiques ja estan implementades o bé estan planejades :

    Característiques de Gecko

    • XPCOM
    • Xarxa
    • Motor de renderització Gecko
    • Suport d'edició i transacció DOM (sense Interfície)
    • Criptografia
    • XBL (XBL2 planificat)
    • XUL
    • SVG
    • XSLT
    • Extres XML (XMLHttpRequest, DOMParser, etc.)
    • Serveis Web (SOAP)
    • Suport per Auto-actualització (encara no finalitzat)
    • Type ahead find toolbar
    • History implementation (the places implementation in the 1.9 cycle)
    • Accessibility support
    • IPC services for communication between gecko-based apps (not yet complete)
    • Storage/sqlite interfaces (not yet turned on by default)

    User Interface Features

    The following user interface is supplied by XULRunner, and may be overridden by embedders under certain circumstances:

    • APIs and user interface for installing, uninstalling, and upgrading XUL applications. See the wikimo:XUL:Installation Story.
    • Extension Manager
    • File picker (uses native OS filepicker as appropriate)
    • Find toolbar
    • Helper app dialog/UI
    • Security UI (maintenance of SSL keychains, etc)

    Embedding APIs

    The following embedding APIs are provided by XULRunner:

    • Cross-platform embedding (XRE_InitEmbedding)
    • JavaXPCOM embedding
    • gtkmozembed (Linux only)
    • ActiveX control (Windows only) (not yet complete)
    • NSView-based-widget (Mac OS X only) (not yet complete)

    The "Maybe" List

    The following features have been discussed and may be included if developer time permits and code size is controlled:

    • LDAP support
    • Spellchecking support (with or without dictionaries provided) see bug 285977
    • Core support for profile roaming (with application-specific extensibility)
    • PyXPCOM embedding (not yet complete) - but it does work, if you compile a custom build that includes the PyXPCOM bindings and there is a working python available. ActiveState uses PyXPCOM in their products.

    What's out

    XULRunner will not supply:

    • Bookmarks or History UI (must be managed by the application/embedder)
    • XForms (XForms will be available as an extension)

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