ECMAScript 6 support in Mozilla

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L'ECMAScript 2015 és la següent versió de l'estàndard, anomenat "". L'esborrany de les especificacions es poden trobar al wiki oficial de l'ECMA. El primer esborrany basat en l'ECMAScript 5.1, fou publicat el 12 de juliol del 2011 amb el nom de "".

 As of August 2014, ECMAScript 2015 is already feature frozen, will be finished during 2015 and will start to go into the official publication process starting in March 2015 (to be finished in June 2015).

A channel for feedback on ECMAScript standards is es-discuss.

Already supported features

The following features are already implemented in Firefox:

Standard library

Additions to the Array object

New Map and Set objects, and their weak counterparts

New Math functions

Additions to the Number object

Additions to the Object object

Additions to the Date object

New Promise object

Additions to the RegExp object

Additions to the String object

New Symbol object

Typed Arrays

Typed arrays are specified as part of ECMAScript 2015 and no longer in their own specification.

Expressions and operators



Other features

Features with compliance and stabilization changes ongoing

The following features are (partially) implemented in Firefox, but were introduced long before ES2015 or are still discussed in the ECMA TC39 standards body.

Partial support

These features are part of ES2015 and available in Firefox Nightly only:

New class syntax

Features not yet supported

The following features are in the ECMAScript 2015 draft specification, but not yet implemented in Firefox:

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