Contributing to MDN

Welcome! By visiting this page, you've taken the first step toward becoming a contributor to MDN. Here you'll find guides to get you started as a new contributor to MDN, information about how our tools work, and so forth.

MDN contributor guide

Getting started
A getting started guide for new MDN contributors.
How you can help
A guide to things you can do to help, from the easy to the intricate.
Creating and editing pages
How to create new pages as well as how to edit existing content.
MDN editor guide
A complete guide to editing on MDN, including detailed documentation of the editor, the template system, and more.
MDN tagging standards
In order to ensure MDN's content is as useful as possible, we have guidelines to help you apply the most useful tags possible to pages.
Maintaining content
Other content management tasks, including how to go about having pages deleted.
Custom macros
Documentation for most (probably not all) of our custom macros used to automatically generate content; most are simple, some are incredibly powerful.
Documentation planning and tracking
A guide to the tools and pages we use to plan and track our documentation work.

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MDN community

Want to participate in the discussion about documentation on MDN? Our community talks all the time on IRC!

Tools and tasks

Request developer documentation
Our developer documentation request form lets you request new documentation or updates to existing documentation. The form guides you through presenting the needed information and helps to ensure that your request will be handled as soon as possible.
Team status board
A look at what members of the team are working on right now. We encourage all contributors to keep their information here current; out-of-date entries will be purged regularly.
Things to do
We have several lists of different types of things you can to do help. Refer to these lists to find content you can add or improve.
Plans and ideas
A collection of documents with plans and ideas for organization work on MDN, future plans, and so forth. Herein there be dragons; tread with care!

The links on this page assume that you are writing developer documentation. If that's not your cup of tea, here are some other, related ways to contribute to Mozilla.

Write live code examples
Add code examples to MDN, where readers can view and modify the code and observe the results.
Write end-user documentation
If you'd rather write for users than developers, you can help write articles on the Firefox Support site (also known as SUMO).
Create demos
If you've written a self-contained demo that shows off current standards-based Web technologies, you can submit it to the Demo Studio on MDN, to show it off to the world.
Improve the MDN platform
The wiki platform that powers MDN is known as "Kuma", and is open source software, just like everything else at Mozilla. You can help fix bugs and implement new features.
Make a movie!
Firefox Flicks is a global video contest about the power of mobile. Enter for your chance to be seen by celebrity judges and win some amazing prizes. Or, if you have friends or colleagues who love movies or moviemaking, tell them about Firefox Flicks. Find out more at The final deadline is July 31, 2013, but early entries are eligible for additional awards.
Get excited and make something!
From June 15 to September 15, 2013, thousands of people around the world are meeting up, making cool stuff and teaching others at the 2013 Mozilla Maker Party.