Santa's Media Queries

Resize the browser window and strange things will happen in the living room.

Built using HTML5, CSS3,


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Using CSS Media Queries this demo detects the size of your browser window and removes members of the family. Marge and Homer are not as alone as they'd like to be.

The Simpsons, as you may all know, belong to Matt Groening. I don't know the licensing and/or distribution implications of this. I guess that as long as you don't make any commercial use of this is ok. Sorry for the vague information, I'm not a lawyer (luckily) =)

This was made using 2 images, one of the family and one of spiderpig. Download the source code, you'll find a gimp file with a layer for every stage.

It may take some time to load, please be patient, once it's all loaded doesn't hit the server again.

Happy hacking!

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This demo is released under the GPL license.

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