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Sheppy (Eric Shepherd)

As the staff writer that's been part of the MDN team for the longest time (since 2006!), I help coordinate and plan documentation work, as well as producing docs and sample code for open Web developers, as well as open Web app developers, Firefox add-on developers, and Firefox developers.

You can see what I've been up to here: If you happen to use Google+, I'm here: (although I don't use it often).

I am also the non-destroyer of worlds!


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Cross-compiling Mozilla

binutils patch link via the wayback machine for now, but this page needs updating in general

API documentation status overview

Removed duplicate item

Lifetime of a WebRTC session

Note that the signaling server doesn't have to actually do anything with the signaling messages other than relay them to the other peer.

Firefox 40 for developers

Firefox 40 for developers

For bug 1147572 - mention removal of nsIClassInfo.implementationLanguage.