This article describes our existing localization projects, as well as what you need to do if you want to start a new MDN localization project.

Existing MDN localization projects

All MDN localization project teams should maintain their information in this table, so that interested contributors can contact the teams to offer their assistance.

Language Leader Contributors Notes
Bengali (Bangladesh) maktrix nasirkhan, tuxboy (notes or URL to translation project team page)
French ( Jeremie ) FredB, Alain Boquet, Fréderic Chateaux, Vincent N., Benoit Leseul, Shz, Thierry Régagnon (tregagnon), xaky, Goofy, sylzys, the prisoner, Julien STUBY, poum, sylvie, Delapouite (notes or URL to translation project team page)
Italian ? Federico, mck89, marcostudios, loris94, MrW0lf, Iacchi, camaleo, marcantonio, Grino, Nicola_D, EdoPut, Giona  
Indonesian ariestiyansyah ariestiyansyah, Pieter Erlanda  
Japanese Potappo Yoshino(ex.Mozilla Japan), Yuichiro, myakura(Masataka Yakura), yyss, ethertank, sosleepy, Marsf(Masahiko Imanaka), Masayuki, nobuoka, yoshitanaka, taguchi-ch, sii, saneyuki_s, Shimono(Atsushi Shimono), Taken(Takeshi Kurosawa), Electrolysis, dextra MDC Japan Project (-2009)
Polish Tomasz Sokół Marcoos(Marek Stępień), Dapi  
Spanish Nukeador Superruzafa, vhanla, maedca, inma_610, ccarruitero, artopal, StripTM, Jorge.villalobos, Scipion, Verruckt, Nathymig, Rkovac, ajimix, mhauptma73, deimidis, Joalar, Maharba, jessest, MPoli, Daniel Pereyra, luisgm76 We really need more translators
Portuguese (Brazil) Jaydson Gomes Galvão, Atila, francisco.hansen, francineemilia, battisti, jpalharini, LeonardoPacheco, Lehrerschuler, hsteffano, lfz, -pedrohenrique-, eduardodx, mateus.m.luna, josivansilva, TelaSocial, mazulo, vlopez5, robsonds, HenriqueSilverio, srsaude Como ajudar a MDN
Portuguese (Portugal) Leandro Mercês Xavier Matheus Smythe Svolenski, Luis Henrique Sousa, f.sanxz  
Korean Channy Yun Korean Contributors Google Groups
German Elchi3 eminor, AlexPl, Sprottenwels, tessarakt3, jwl, SJW, Holger Sinn We really need more translators


syssgx JasnaPaka, DJ.Maca We need more translators
Russian ? Cobalt747, Sky_Fox, Chernetsky, uleming, karasiov, Dionys, Megapotz, hazestalker, Kwinto, kup We need more translators
Chinese (Traditional) BobChao dwchiang, happysadman, petercpg, sailplaneTW, Kourge, Josesun, Sonrisa, Kennyluck, sycheng, naihsi, evelynhung, ypwalter, steely.wing We need more translators! Join us Google Groups!

Simplified Chinese

yanzehua(-2008?) ziyunfei, 宋晓光, Duwei, alzhu, Cnmahj, Andyyard, yinian1992, Chajn, c_king, iwo, hyspace, alimon, sunnylost, Will_Chen, yan We need more translators and well organized! Join us Google Groups!
Hebrew Ziv Perry Inkbug We need more translators
Romanian Raul Malea Andrew_Pham We need more translators.
Thai Hassadee Pimsuwan   We really need more translators
Turkish Hakan Damar   We need more translators.

কিভাবে আমি মোজিলা ডেভেলপার নেটওয়ার্ক অনুবাদ শুরু করব ?

যদি আপনি মোজিলা ডেভেলপার নেটওয়ার্ককে আপনার নিজস্ব ভাষায় অনুবাদের কাজ শুরু করতে চান, তবে এখানে কিছু ধাপ আছে যা আপনাকে অনুসরন করে কাজ করতে হবে।

  1. প্রথমেই খোঁজ করুন, আগে থেকেই আপনার ভাষার জন্য কোন অনুবাদ আছে কি না।
  2. আপনার ভাষার জন্য যারা অনুবাদের কাজ করছে (Mozilla l10n team), তাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন এবং আপনি যে কাজ করতে চান, তাদেরকে জানান। 
  3. আমাদের মেইলিং লিস্টে নিবন্ধন করুন এবং এ অবস্থিত #devmo নামক রিলে চ্যাটিং চ্যানেলে যান।
  4. আমাদের ডেভেলপার ডকুমেন্টেশন টীম লিডার sheppy র সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন। তাকে জানান, যে আপনি নতুন অনুবাদের কাজ শুরু করেছেন। আপনার কোন অনুমতির প্রয়োজন নেই, তবে সে আপনার সম্পর্কে জানতে পছন্দ করে।
  5. Add a row for your language to the table above, and include anyone else who is planning to work on it.
  6. Create a bug in Bugzilla requesting that your language be added to the list of languages supported by MDN. This bug should be in the "Mozilla Developer Network" > "Localization" category. It will be automatically assigned to the correct person.
  7. Wait while the MDN team handles your request. If your bug isn't responded to within three or four days, please add a comment to the bug asking for an "ETA" for completion.
  8. Once the locale has been added to MDN, you can use the Verbatim tool to translate the user interface strings for the site, and you can begin translating articles on the wiki.

What should a localized MDN look like?

The basic structure of each of the localized wikis should be essentially the same. In general, you should try to maintain the same hierarchy of pages, so that each page on each language corresponds to a similar page in each locale.

You are welcome to link to external local pages, write your own articles, and translate everything from the English wiki. If you do decide to write your own articles, it would be helpful if you could provide an English translation for the English wiki so it can then get translated into all of the other localized wikis.

Adding local resources you should keep NPOV rule. No links to commercial sites (like paid courses, web design companies, etc.). You should promote Open Standards and cross-browsing web coding over closed or proprietary methods wherever possible.

Note: Team leads are encouraged to monitor their locale's content for spam and other inappropriate materials and take steps to get them removed or corrected.

How do I organize a localization project?

There are lots of great tips from various existing translation teams; you should feel free to adopt any of these ideas you choose. In addition, please feel free to add your own suggestions as well. See this template in the Spanish wiki for an example.

  • Use a template to identify articles that are in the process of being translated. The template should provide an information box that includes a link to the original version of the article. The template should also add the article to a "Need translation" category. This helps track articles that are in the process of being translated.
  • Use a template to include articles that need to be translated in article lists with a flag or marker next to them indicating that the article hasn't been translated yet. This is a way to advertise important articles in need of translation. See this template in the Spanish version of MDN for an example.
  • Make use of the "Needs technical review" and "Needs editorial review" tags, to mark articles that have been translated but should be double-checked for technical and grammatical accuracy.
  • Use a "Trash" template to mark pages that need to be deleted. Since only admins have access to delete articles, this provides a way to mark that an article is obsolete until the admins get the page deleted.
  • Be sure to include translations of these MDN "how to" pages, and include additional pages as necessary to explain your localization team's policies and practices.

Per-language RSS feeds

You can monitor RSS feeds for each language, so that you are alerted to changes on a given language's contents:

Target Locale Language Feed URL
Arabian ar عربي
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD বাঙ্গালী
Catalan ca català
Czech cs Čeština
German de Deutsch
Greek el Ελληνικά
English en-US English
Spanish es Español
Persian fa فارسی
Finnish fi suomi
French fr Français
Frisian fy-NL Frysk
Georgian (Ireland) ga-IE Gaeilge (Éire)
Hebrew he עברית
Croatian hr Hrvatski
Hungarian hu Magyar
Indonesian id Bahasa Indonesia
Italian it Italiano
Japanese ja 日本語
Georgian ka ქართული
Korean ko 한국어
Dutch nl Nederlands
Polish pl Polski
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Português (do Brasil)
Portuguese (Europe) pt-PT Português (Europeu)
Romanian ro română
Russian ru Русский
Albanian sq Shqip
Thai th ไทย
Turkish tr Türkçe
Vietnamese vi Tiếng Việt
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN 中文 (简体)
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW 正體中文 (繁體)

If you want to get a customized feed, please read: Feeds


All materials created and translated for the MDN should follow our Copyright and Licensing Policies.

If you encounter problems of any sort -- technical, policy, or other -- please contact Eric Shepherd using the contact information on his user page.

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