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    What is the Mozilla Developer Network ?

    Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), formerly Mozilla Developer Center, is the Mozilla-backed community website for development documentation of web standards and Mozilla projects.

    Getting started

    How can I get involved as a new editor ?

    While it can take some time to learn all the finer points of editing on MDN, you can start writing right away. The community engages newcomers to learn new things. Follow these simple steps to get involved.

    1. Create an Account on MDN.
    2. Subscribe to the dev-mdc mailing list (optional but highly recommended).
    3. Start your first contribution by editing articles. (You can also create a new article, but it is a good idea to discuss on the mailing list first, to be sure the article is needed.)
    4. Wait for reviews and learn from them.
    5. Practice and contribute routinely.

    What are the benefits of writing on MDN ?

    It will give such an experience to you how to work with a community and it will improve your written communication skills. Also it will help you to add lines in your resume.

    What are the next steps ?

    Just follow the steps on this article Getting Involved on MDN.

    Writing on MDN

    The easiest way is to use the anch macro. This macro has one required parameter: the name of the section you want to link to. By default, the displayed link text is the title of that section, but you can add a second, optional, parameter indicating alternate text to use instead. Some examples:

    ডকুমেন্ট ট্যাগ এবং অবদানকারী

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