Taking screenshots of your application can be useful in many circumstances, for example showing your work to a client, or when publishing your app on the Marketplace. This article explains how to take screenshots on your Firefox OS phone.

টীকা: এন্ড্রয়েড ডেভেলপারগন এটা আগেই জেনে থাকবেন। ধাপ গুলো একই।

আপনার ফোন তৈরি

  1. On your phone, go to the Developer Settings and check Remote Debugging & Console Enabled.
  2. Make sure you phone has ADB installed and working.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer via USB.

 একটি স্ক্রীনশট নেয়া

You now have four choices: using the Terminal, using DDMS in Eclipse, using the dedicated button combination on the phone, or using the App Manager.


Open a terminal window, then enter the follwing three commands:

  1. Take the screenshot using the following command (you can change screenshot.png if you want to call it something else):
    adb shell screencap -p /sdcard/screenshot.png
  2. Pull the picture onto your computer:
    adb pull /sdcard/screenshot.png
  3. Remove the screenshot from your device:
    adb shell rm /sdcard/screenshot.png

Alternatively, you can use ffmpeg:

  1. Make sure you have ffmpeg installed:
    1. On Mac, if you use MacPorts, you can do this with sudo port install ffmpeg. For homebrew, do brew install ffmpeg.
    2. On Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), use sudo apt-get install ffmpeg.
  2. cd into the B2G/gaia directory.
  3. Use the make screenshot command to take a screenshot.
  4. You now have a screenshot called screenshot.png.


Open Eclipse.

  1. Open DDMS: Window > Open Perspective > Other > DDMS.
  2. On the left side panel, in the Devices tab, click the Screen capture button.
  3. A new window appears with several options; click on Save button to save your screenshot.

Note: To learn more about DDMS, have a look at the DDMS documentation .

ফোনার বাটনের কম্বিনেশন

  1. Simultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons for a few seconds. This takes a screenshot, which is saved in your Gallery.
  2. Copy the picture from your SDCard to your computer using whatever method suits you best.

 এপ ম্যানেজার/সিমুলেটর

  1. Go to the App Manager, connect to your phone, and navigate to the Device tab on the left.
  2. Click on the Screenshot button above Installed Apps.

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