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هذه الترجمة لم تكتمل. رجاءً ساعد بترجمة هذه المقالة من الإنجليزية.

تم بناء الويب المفتوح باستخدام عدد من التقنيات.أدناه سوف تجد روابط لمراجعنا  التي توضح كل تقنية.

تقنيات الويب الأساسية


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is used to describe and define the content of a webpage.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to describe the appearance or presentation of content on a webpage.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used to deliver HTML and other hypermedia documents on the web.


JavaScript is the programming language that runs in your browser. You can use it to add interactivity and other dynamic features to your website or application.
Web APIs
Web Application Programming Interfaces (Web APIs) are used to perform a variety of tasks, such as manipulating the DOM, playing audio or video, or generating 3D graphics.
  • The Web API interface reference lists all the object types you can use while developing for the web.
  • The WebAPI page lists all the communication, hardware access, and other APIs you can use in web applications.
  • The Event reference lists all the events you can use to track and react to interesting things that have taken place in your webpage or application.


The <canvas> element provides APIs to draw 2D graphics using JavaScript.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) lets you use lines, curves, and other geometric shapes to render graphics. With vectors, you can create images that scale cleanly to any size.
WebGL is a JavaScript API that lets you draw 3D or 2D graphics using the HTML5 <canvas> element. This technology lets you use standard OpenGL ES in Web content.

Audio, video, and multimedia

Web media technologies
A list of media-related APIs with links to the documentation you'll need for each.
Overview of media technology on the web
A general look at the open web technologies and APIs that provide support for audio and video playback, manipulation, and recording. If you're not sure which API you should use, this is the place to start.
Media Capture and Streams API
A reference for the API which makes it possible to stream, record, and manipulate media both locally and across a network. This includes using local cameras and microphones to capture video, audio, and still images.
Using HTML5 audio and video
Embedding video and/or audio in a web page and controlling its playback.
The RTC in WebRTC stands for Real-Time Communications, technology that enables audio/video streaming and data sharing between browser clients (peers).


Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) lets you display complex mathematical equations and syntax.

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هذه الصفحة معنية لأن تكون  الصفحة المرجعية لمنصة الويب.هذه الصفحة سوف توفر روابطاً للصفحة الأساسية التي تحتوي كل منها واحدة من تطبيقات الواجهة البرمجية التي يمكن إستعمالها على منصة الويب (و لكن هذه الصفحات لن تحتوي صفحات فرعية).


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